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Keep viruses out

Lease the award-winning AIR from Atmos-Clear to protect your workplace from Coronavirus and other nasty micro-organisms from just £6.08 a month.


Get working life back to normal for as little as 
£6.08 per month

Place this smart, virtually silent little cube in any room and it uses UV-C LED technology to safely kill ALL viruses, bacteria and mould to an efficacy of 99.999%. You could sanitise your workplace, and everything in it, in as little as 30 minutes. Plus, there's no need to leave the room - AIR keeps on eliminating nasty microbes for as long as it's switched on, so your team can work together in total confidence.

AIR will help you look after your budget too. There's no large capital outlay, just manageable rental fees and flexible terms across 12, 24, 36, 48 and 60 months – whatever works for you.

Then, at the end of your rental period, you'll have the option to purchase your AIR unit for just £1.

Get back to normal

How AIR by Atmos-Clear works

At the push of a button, dirty air is pulled into the unit through side vents in the base, and treated with ultra-violet germicidal irradiation using the latest UV-C LED technology.


The UV-C destroys the DNA and RNA of microorganisms - viruses, bacteria, moulds & fungi, rendering them ‘disrupted’ and unable to reproduce.


The air that exits the unit is not only clean air, but continually cleaning air, as the disrupted DNA and RNA latches on and kills pathogenic microorganisms to create a sanitised environment.


Air by Atmos-Clear is ASTM E3135-18 independently laboratory certified to kill 99.999% of ALL viruses, bacteria, mould and fungi in an average room 6m x 4m x 2.5m in as little as 30 minutes. *

*Dependant on airflow, humidity, and temperature.


"You can take AIR anywhere, so you'll have more freedom to step outside your bubble"

Flexible lease

Flexible lease options available to suit

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What people say


John Bee, Facilities Manager,
Newcastle Under Lyme
Borough Council

AIR has helped create a safe space for our staff to confidently

return to work

US School bus 1.jpeg

Chris Verdi, Fleet Manager,
Roxbury School District,
New Jersey, USA

"My drivers can rely on AIR, when they don’t have control over the compliance of their passengers"
Torbay NCI tower.jpg

Grant Grafton, Deputy Station
Manager, National Coastwatch Institute, Torbay

We have let all of our visitors & staff know they’re doubly protected by AIR from Atmos-Clear

What people say
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