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AIR by Atmos-Clear in action | New Jersey, USA, School Buses

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

The Challenge

Our USA office received a call from Roxbury School District, New Jersey, USA.

"We need to get drivers back to work - and give parents reliant on the school bus service, the confidence their kids can safely use an NJ School Bus to travel to school, as well as ensure our drivers have the best protection"

With 400 buses in the Roxbury School district area of New Jersey, placement of the AIR units on board was key. Atmos-Clear worked with Fleet Manager, Chris Verdi to ensure the correct placement and more importantly that the units were tamper proof to inquisitive children of all ages.

One of the main concerns for the drivers was that children don't always keep masks on, or sanitize and cannot be relied upon to social distance despite measures and guidelines that have been put in place.

My drivers can rely on AIR, when they don’t have control over the compliance of their passengers

"My drivers can rely on AIR, when they don’t have control over the compliance of their passengers"

Chris Verdi - Fleet Manager, Roxbury School District

How we solved this with AIR

  • Optimum placement in vehicle to achieve both driver and passenger safety from airborne pathogens

  • We assessed installation location based on driver location, ventilation, doors and window

  • Our team worked alongside and trained NJ Bus technicians, so that they could replicate installation across the fleet

  • Quantity of AIR units installed – 800

The installation

  • The Air systems were hard wired to the existing wire loom with minimal invasion.

  • We made options available for hard wiring through the ignition system along with activation through a switch on the drivers dashboard

  • The AIR button on each unit was disabled to avoid passenger interference

  • The units were set to “continually on” and a special tamper proof bracket designed for holding the unit securely in place was fitted

  • Unit placement was key. All contributing factors needed to be considered such as doors, windows, and air vents

  • Single deck bus – One unit in close proximity to the driver and a second unit on the lower deck of the bus near air intake vents, but away from outgoing air sources, such as windows or vents

  • For double decker buses we recommended 1 additional unit upstairs.

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