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AIR tackling absenteeism in the workplace

In today's day and age we are all too well aware of how absenteeism in the work place quickly affects a companies bottom line. Poor indoor air quality, made worse by viruses, bacteria and other germs that spread from employee to employee, visitor to visitor, student to teacher, causing people to be ill.

PWC: "Absenteeism costing UK business £32 billion a year, with workers taking almost double the number of ‘sick’ days as US counterparts"

We've got a way to combat absenteeism; AIR by Atmos-Clear uvc sanitisers remove up to 99.999% of ALL airborne and surface contaminants; including viruses, bacteria and allergens from enclosed environments. Our AIR units are independently laboratory certified.

AIR is already making an immediate impact:

Designed to be 100% recyclable, AIR is the fuss free choice for reducing absenteeism. Easy to install wherever there is a power socket, simply plug in for 5 years continuous uninterupted use.

AIR by Atmos-Clear. No filters. No noise. No fuss.

*Please note: HEPA filters not only don’t stop the viruses that we are all concerned about, but they are a bio hazard too and are currently not recyclable. For the environment we made an active choice NOT to use HEPA filters in AIR units. We’re proud that AIR is 100% recyclable and we offer to refurbish the UVC LED’s in the AIR unit at the end of their lifetime, and return it to you for your continued protection.


You can purchase AIR direct through our website by following this link:

For multiple unit enquiries, you can send an email to or


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