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Caught on camera!

Don't worry—there's nothing supernatural going on.

These particles that you can see on camera are called backscatter, or near-camera reflection. Backscatter happens when dust, dust mites, pollen, pet dander or other fine particles are present in the air, infared light reflects through the particles and the normally subvisible particles can be seen on camera.

Watch AIR knockout airborne nasties in under 30 minutes

Should I be worried?

Buy an AIR if you are worried, and tell them I sent you...but seriously, it is apparently normal, there is always a certain amount of dust floating around in the air. HOWEVER, if you have allergies like me, especially to dust & dustmites (and pollen) then you probably will be a bit worried after seeing this! Don't worry though, AIR is here to help.

It’s National Allergy and Awareness Month this May…so share this clip with your friends who have allergies 🤧 especially to pet dander, dust, dust mites and pollen, as we are sure they will be interested to see how the powerful AIR unit swiftly knocks out the airborne nasties, and don't forget to give them our link to purchase

After reviewing this on camera, the person who filmed this moved the AIR out of their pet's room and into their bedroom. Enough said.

To learn about dust and dust mite allergies:

To purchase your AIR:

To find out more about Asthma & Allergy Awarness month:

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