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Did Easyjet fall in to the filter gap?

Easyjet cancels hundred's of flights due to high level of Covid-related staff sickness. Not something anyone wants to see in the news, especially with half term already upon us and Easter breaks planned.

Sky News: Easyjet cancelled a total of 222 flights over the weekend and a further 62 today with passengers given short notice. @amarjournalist_

The budget airline blamed the cancellations on staff shortages caused by COVID-19. An announcement generated a flurry of activity on social media, mostly blaming EasyJet for not enforcing "mask wearing" on flights. But is it purely down to the lack of masks?

Could the rise in COVID cases relate to the level of effectiveness of the HEPA protection measures that Easyjet has in place on its airlines?

Easyjet and HEPA

On checking Easyjet's own website for its Covid safety procedures, they are very upfront about making a choice of HEPA, but what cannot be located on their website is what HEPA filter is being used? At it's highest grade HEPA 16 can only filter to 0.1microns - Covid virions at their smallest have been measured at 0.06 microns.

The Filter Gap

Aside from masks not being a legal requirement on some Easyjet flights, and the cabin crew not having to wear them 'if' it is not a legal requirement, there is also 'the filter gap' to consider.


Links & sources:

Sky News

Easyjet Covid Safety

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