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A travel companion that doesn't snore

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

AIR mini from Atmos-Clear UV-C air sanitizer, your perfect travel companion.

Going away this summer? Make sure you take your AIR from Atmos-Clear with you. Just plug it in and let it quietly keep you safe within your holiday accommodation.

Independenty tested and certified

ASTM E3135-18 certified 99.999% effective against viruses, bacteria, mould and fungi, including the virus that causes Coronavirus.

A Quick Getaway

One of our Directors was lucky enough to get away to #Dubrovnik, #Croatia when the first UK lockdown lifted. Of course she took her #AtmosClearAIR with her for that extra layer of PPE.

"When housekeeping came in to our hotel room, we made sure we were out and our AIR was on. After housekeeping had left, 30 minutes later we knew that our room would be safely santized."

Your hotel room realistically is only as sanitized as the last hotel staff member to leave it, you have no control over where hotel staff members have been prior to entering your hotel room, and what their personal circumstances are i.e. are they sick? are they asymptomatic? do they have family members exposed to the virus? have they been wearing a mask when appropriate? etc.

Confidence Booster

The feedback from our customers is that AIR gives them the confidence to travel and stay in hotels, holiday rentals, b&b's again. We are all about embracing that confidence, the larger AIR midi is only 10cm x 10cm x 10cm and fits very nicely into your inflight bag or carryon luggage.

The only question remaining is; 'where's your next holiday destination?'

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