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"I strongly recommend the AIR device"

Throughout the pandemic we have been working with various medical professionals, some we can talk about, other's we can't.

We were excited to recieve the following quote from one of those doctors and even more delighted when she said that we could quote her!

As part of a small team in the Haematology department at Leicester Royal Infirmary, Dr Myers works on a day to day basis with people who are often immune compromised or immune suppressed, so need to make sure that both patients and staff are in the best environment.

AIR is a UVC sanitizer, with a certified 5-log kill rating against ALL micro-organisms; this includes viruses, bacteria, molds and fungi. No costly filters, just plug AIR in and enjoy 5 years of continuous use.

AIR Midi unit from Atmos-Clear
How AIR works

The Haemotology department at Leicester Royal Infirmary have a total of 4 AIR Midi units which they use both in clinic and loan out to patients.

For further information on how award winning British made AIR can help you, at home or in the workplace, contact:

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