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NCI Torbay choose AIR for watchtower and visitors centre

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Atmos-Clear are a British company with our offices and production facility in Devon, so when we had a call from Devon local Grant Grafton of National Coastwatch Torbay #NCITorbay we were delighted to be able to help....

What challenges did NCI face?

“with limited space within the watchtowers it was hard to social distance and be able carryout out the duties with 2 volunteers in the tower – two sets of eyes are required to scan our coast lines. As a charity, we rely upon visitors, so we needed to be able to keep our visitors centre open."

How did AIR resolve NCI's challenges?

Grant Grafton said; purchased 2 Atmos-Clear AIR units. The first was deployed in the watchtower.

"AIR is very compact and portable, so didn’t take up much space in an already cramped area."

It meant that when our volunteers came on duty the space and all exposed surfaces were already sanitized by the AIR, so our members could concentrate on their duties, keeping a watchful eye on our coastlines.

"all our visitors know they are doubly protected by AIR from Atmos-Clear"

The second was pressed into service in our Visitors Centre (VC). This annexe to our watchtower contains all sorts of useful historical, geological, marine and other interesting information.

We opened this facility soon after the latest lockdown restrictions were eased, in time for the late May bank holiday. In addition to asking any visitors to limit their numbers to a maximum of 6 in the Visitors Centre at any one time and the usual ‘hands - face - space’ advice, we do let all our visitors know they are doubly protected by the AIR from Atmos-Clear.

At these difficult times for all charities being able to open the Visitors Centre and attract a few donations is a very welcome.

Grant Grafton

Deputy Station Manager (Ops) & Radio Officer

NCI Torbay

AIR - NCI Torbay
Download PDF • 1.46MB

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