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Newcastle-Under-Lyme Borough Council chose AIR by Atmos-Clear

Updated: May 24, 2022

As the UK stepped out of lock-down, Newcastle Under Lyme Borough Council (NULBC) were looking to create a safe and sanitised working environment for staff, and support a confident

return to work at Castle House - a £15.4 million, modern, public service building.

Castle House is home of Newcastle Under Lyme Borough Council, Staffordshire County Council, Staffordshire Police and Aspire Housing...along with the town’s register office and library, large multi-function rooms and study areas for students.

Environment considerations

  • Open plan office

  • Flow of staff

  • Temperature controlled

  • Ducted air conditioning

  • No opening windows

Gordon Tebay, Facilities & Engineering Manager said,

"We looked at a variety of options that were making claims within the market place. Unlike HEPA or ULPA filters, UV-C is filter free and proven to kill all known viruses. The fact that AIR had been independently tested and certified under ASTM-E3135-18 reassured us that we were making the right decision"

UV-C versus HEPA and ULPA filters

Following a site audit, 61 UVC AIR Midi units were placed throughout the open plan office, communal areas, break-out and private meeting rooms, and a shared kitchen.

“AIR UV-C sanitiser is a visible reminder to our staff that we are providing them with the best possible protection. We made a conscious decision not to expose our staff to any hazardous chemicals or gases that could have a detrimental 'long-term' effect on their health within the workplace.

Following a successful roll-out, NULBC are looking to expand the use of AIR across other public and private facilities, including Museums, Arts exhibition spaces, and Crematoriums.

If you are interested in reducing airborne and surface pathogens in your place of work, call us on 0121 562 1952 or visit our website

Read the full case study below.

Newcastle Under Lyme Case study v1
Download PDF • 822KB

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